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If you enjoy the content on the System Crafters channel, please consider supporting it using one of the methods below!

Monthly Sponsorship

Monthly sponsorship on one of the options below is the best way to help me have more time to focus on building useful content and projects for the community!

Currently GitHub Sponsors or Liberapay are my preferred platforms because they don't take a percentage of your contribution!

One-Time Tips

You can also send a one-time tip via GitHub Sponsors or PayPal!

Hire Me

If you're interested in hiring me to help with anything from building your Emacs or Guix configurations to building larger scale projects, please send a message to david [at]!

You can also reach me on the Fediverse:

I have a wide variety of experience in many programming languages, platforms, frameworks, and application styles so I'm sure I we can find a way that I can help!

Some ideas:

  • Building Emacs and Guix configurations
  • Packaging software or services for Guix
  • Integrating tools and services with Emacs
  • Building CI automation for projects
  • Building deployment images with Guix
  • General software or development consulting

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