Courses and Workshops

I have started offering more in-depth courses and workshops to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the topics related to this community:

Guile Scheme

If you’re interested to go from beginner to productive with Guile Scheme, I will be running the Hands-On Guile Scheme for Beginners course once a month this year.

You will learn the fundamentals of Scheme and functional programming and then apply them to build practical projects with Guile!

If you have some experience with Guile or Scheme already, I will also be offering project-focused workshops and a course on more advanced Scheme topics later this year, so subscribe to the newsletter (form below) to be notified when those are announced!

What else would you like to learn?

If you’d like to see a course that covers a particular topic in more depth, feel free to send a suggestion to david at or start up a thread on the System Crafters Forum!

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