Join the Community!

The System Crafters community meets in a few places online in case you want to engage with other people about your favorite tools and techniques!

Take a look at the Community Guidelines before engaging with the community to better understand how we prefer to operate.

The Forum

The System Crafters Forum is the main hub of the community where you should go to ask questions, share tips, and discuss the new tools and techniques you have discovered. You should also feel free to share new projects you’ve created!

There are categories for specific topics like Emacs, Guix, Programming, and more. Since the forum is just getting started, you should feel free to create a post and suggest other categories we should add!

Chat With Us

If you’d like a friendly, informal place to hang out, you can join us on IRC! The IRC chat is intended to just be a “lounge” for the community where off-topic chat is common. System crafting topics may also be discussed each day, but real answer-seeking should be done on the forum!

To join, connect to with your favorite IRC client and join the #systemcrafters room (or use the web chat).

If you’ve never used IRC before, check out the following videos:

You should also check out the IRC Tips page for more information!

Friday Streams

Join us every Friday for our weekly show System Crafters Live! The stream is broadcast on both YouTube and Twitch.

In these streams we usually experiment with new packages, configurations, and customizations to understand the pros and cons of using them. Other times we have philosophical discussions about software, computing, and productivity. It’s always a good time!

We are gradually moving the primary stream chat to IRC via the #systemcrafters-live room on Libera Chat. You can find the live stream with embedded IRC chat at this link:

Click here to see the stream time in your local time zone!

Community Projects

We also have a growing set of community projects to which you can join and contribute! If you want to learn more about GNU Emacs and GNU Guix, contributing to one of these projects is a great way to do that.

Have an idea for a community project? Send me an e-mail: david at

Crafted Emacs

Crafted Emacs is sensible base Emacs configuration created with the following goals:

  • Helps you craft your own Emacs configuration faster by providing pre-configured modules for common tasks
  • The code of the configuration is a learning resource to help you understand Emacs Lisp better
  • Easy to remove from your configuration once you’ve finished crafting your own!

This project is maintained by Jeff Bowman. You can read Jeff’s blog for more information about the project!


dotcrafter.el is a project I started while creating the Learning Emacs Lisp video series. It is meant to help you manage your dotfiles using an Emacs package, including the job of “tangling” your literate Org Mode configuration to the necessary output files.

This project has been dormant for a while, I’d be happy if someone wanted to contribute and move it forward!

Guix Installer and Live CD Images

I’ve used GitHub Actions to automatically produce up-to-date installation images and Live CDs for GNU Guix using the full Linux kernel from the Nonguix channel:


Craftering is the System Crafters community webring.

  • This is a fun way for community members to link to each other’s sites and discover other Crafters.
  • Anyone is welcome to join and instructions can be found on the repo.
  • This page is part of the ring! You can browse it here: directory , the ring is shuffled often.

This project is maintained by Shom and Benoit. You can read Shom’s post to learn more about webrings!

If you have ideas for how to improve these, please feel free to send a PR!

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