System Crafters is a community and learning resource for computer enthusiasts who are interested in crafting their computing experience to increase their enjoyment and productivity.

This website is intended to be the most comprehensive reference on the internet for learning how to leverage tools like GNU Emacs, GNU Guix, and GNU/Linux to craft a fully customized workflow using Free Software tools!

The System Crafters YouTube channel also contains almost 200 videos and live stream recordings demonstrating and explaining these tools and broader topics!

Want to learn Scheme in a friendly, interactive environment?

Check out the Hands-On Guile Scheme for Beginners course!

Start Here!

If you are just getting started with GNU Emacs and want to learn the basics, check out The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Emacs!

From there, check out the Emacs Essentials series to learn more about the basics of using Emacs and then follow the Emacs From Scratch series to learn how to build a modern Emacs configuration that you understand!

Once you’re comfortable using Emacs, learn how to use GNU Guix to craft a complete, reproducible system configuration by checking out the Craft Your System with GNU Guix series!

You can also check out the many video series I’ve created to help you learn these tools in depth.

Need Help?

If you need help on specific topics, there are a few resources to consider:

  • The FAQ pages for various topics like Emacs and Guix
  • Join the System Crafters chat and discuss it with the community
  • Patrons at the $5 level or higher can ask questions on a private discussion list!

Live Streams

Join us every Friday for our weekly show System Crafters Live! The stream is broadcast on both YouTube and Twitch. Recordings and show notes for all streams can be found on the Live Streams section.

In these streams we usually experiment with new packages, configurations, and customizations to understand the pros and cons of using them. Other times we have philosophical discussions about software, computing, and productivity. It’s always a good time!

Click here to see the stream time in your local time zone!

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