Announcing the System Crafters Forum!

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of the new System Crafters Forum!

For years now, our community has lacked a good middle ground between the main System Crafters website and the various chat channels we’ve used (Discord, Matrix, IRC) to offer a more reliable environment for asking questions, finding answers, and sharing the cool things we’ve made.

I recently started looking into Discourse as an option and was very impressed with the capabilities that they provide. I feel confident that our new forum be the ideal home for many of the community activities that I’m planning in the near future like hackathons, mini-conferences, courses, mentoring groups, and more!

With the introduction of the forum, the IRC chat will become more of a lounge for the community where people can hang out and discuss topics of interest in a more ephemeral way. Any time a question in the chat is more deep than just a one-line answer, it should probably move to the forum so that others can find the answer in the future!

To start things off, I’ve added categories for relevant topics like Emacs, Guix, and Programming, but there’s probably a lot more we’d like to discuss. Please create a post and suggest other categories we should add!

If you’re interested to participate, head to the forum site, browse around, and then sign up for an account. We look forward to seeing you there!

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