Crafting a Configuration Site Generator in Emacs - Part 1


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Crafting a Configuration Site Generator in Emacs

I’ve been saying for a long time that I want to simplify my configuration and eliminate the literate-style Org files that generate my entire configuration. However, I still want to produce a really nice site from my config files which documents them!

For the next few streams, I’d like to focus on building such a site generator with Emacs so that I can finally get my entire configuration up to date on

Check out Hawk, a package that has inspired me to try to come up with my own approach for this:


  • Why drop Org-based config?

    I’m tired of having to tangle when syncing config between machines. I also want to treat my configuration as code because I intend to move more of my config to Guix Home!

  • Why not just use a normal repo website like GitHub or SourceHut?

    It’s a good idea, but I’d like to have more control over how everything is presented.

Desired Features

  • [X] Use the same syntax highlighting as I do in my configuration (or at least a specific Emacs theme)
  • Linkable line numbers
  • Possibly generate “permalink” folders for older commits
  • Some basic method of formatting the contents of comments in code files, including links to other files
  • Basic file tree pages and header/footer for navigation
  • Possibly extract defined function names or comment heading to generate a table of contents
  • It should also be good for generating literate documentation sites for code projects!

The Plan

Here’s the rough idea:

  • Use htmlize, htmlfontify or another similar package to generate HTML from code files
  • Use dom.el to edit the HTML output to extract the body
  • Use esxml to generate the outer layout of the pages
  • Possibly use normal Org Export to export any .org files which can be used as entrypoints or commentary files

The Name

Help me come up with something!

  • configweaver
  • dotweaver
  • dotvanity
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