Running Pre-Built Linux Software on Guix


  • Had a blast working on the game for Ludum Dare 51! If you missed it, check out the YouTube playlist of streams.
  • Mesche development is progressing! Working on an implementation of hygenic macros now.
  • The Emacs package in Guix now has --with-native-compilation turned on by default!
  • Support the channel! Buy Mastering Emacs with this link

Running Pre-Built Linux Software on Guix

Today we’re going to try and get a pre-built program running in Guix! I decided to try this because a new Guix feature just got mentioned on Twitter today:

It seems that Guix containers can now emulate the Linux Standard Base file system layout! This might help get some pre-built apps working without a lot of extra trouble.

Today we’ll experiment with getting Discord running in a Guix container. We’ll try the following to make it work:

  • Download and unpack the .tar.gz build of Discord
  • Start up a guix shell container with the new --emulate-fhs parameter
  • Figure out and install all necessary dependencies (if they exist on Guix)
  • Patch the binary if libraries aren’t being resolved correctly (hopefully not needed!)

If Discord doesn’t work, we’ll figure out another app to try!


Things we needed to do:

  • export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LIBRARY_PATH:/lib/nss
  • strace -ff -e trace=file ./Discord
  • LD_DEBUG=libs ./Discord

Guix Shell Documentation

The manifest file

Here’s the manifest file we were building to launch Discord:

 '( ;; Library Dependencies

   ;; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LIBRARY_PATH:/lib/nss

   ;; Debugging Tools

   ;; Program Dependencies

And here’s the command we used to execute it:

guix shell --container --emulate-fhs --network --preserve='^DISPLAY$' -m guix.scm
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