Comparing Project.el to Projectile


Comparing Project.el to Projectile

project.el is a built-in Emacs package, added somewhere around 26, which provides basic actions for managing code projects similar to Projectile.

Even though it is built in, you can install newer versions from GNU ELPA!

Features to look at

Which Projectile features should we try to find equivalents for in Project.el?

  • projectile-find-file
  • projectile-switch-project
  • projectile-switch-to-buffer
  • projectile-kill-buffers -> project-kill-buffers
  • projectile-run-shell/eshell -> project-shell/eshell
  • projectile-compile-project -> project-compile
  • projectile-vc -> project-vc-dir
  • projectile-commander -> project-switch-commands?
  • projectile-replace(-regexp) -> project-query-replace-regexp
  • projectile-switch-project-action
  • projectile-{grep,rg,ag} -> project-find-regexp
  • projectile-run-(async-)shell-command-in-root -> project-(async-)shell-command
  • projectile-register-project-type -> ?

C-x p keymap is only available in Emacs 28 (or project.el 0.8.0)

Extending project.el

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