Catching Up With Emacs

Catching Up With Emacs

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The configuration

(straight-use-package '(mct :repo "protesilaos/mct"
                            :host gitlab))
(setq mct-remove-shadowed-file-names t) ; works when `file-name-shadow-mode' is enabled
(setq mct-hide-completion-mode-line t)
(setq mct-show-completion-line-numbers nil)
(setq mct-apply-completion-stripes t)
(setq mct-minimum-input 3)
(setq mct-live-update-delay 0)

(straight-use-package '(elmo :repo "karthink/elmo" :host github))

(straight-use-package '(vertico-posframe :repo "tumashu/vertico-posframe" :host github))

(use-package blamer
  :straight '(blamer :repo "Artawower/blamer.el" :host github)
  (blamer-idle-time 0.3)
  (blamer-min-offset 70)
  (blamer-face ((t :foreground "#7a88cf"
                    :background nil
                    :height 220
                    :italic t)))
  (global-blamer-mode 1))

(use-package pomm
  :straight (:host github :repo "SqrtMinusOne/pomm.el")
  :commands (pomm)
  (add-to-list 'mode-line-misc-info '(:eval pomm-current-mode-line-string))
  (add-hook 'pomm-on-tick-hook 'pomm-update-mode-line-string)
  (add-hook 'pomm-on-tick-hook 'force-mode-line-update)
  (add-hook 'pomm-on-status-changed-hook 'pomm-update-mode-line-string)
  (add-hook 'pomm-on-status-changed-hook 'force-mode-line-update))

(straight-use-package 'capf-autosuggest)
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