Crafting a Configuration Site Generator in Emacs - Part 2


  • I’ve been hacking a lot on Mesche this week to prepare for the GitHub Game Off competition that’s going on right now.

    Starting tomorrow, I’ll be streaming my work on it pretty regularly on the Flux Harmonic YouTube and Twitch channels (FluxHarmonicLive on both), come check it out! First stream will be tomorrow.

  • Support the channel! Buy Mastering Emacs with this link

Crafting a Configuration Site Generator in Emacs - Part 2

This week we’ll continue where we left off building the dotweaver.el package that will generate a website from a repository of source code files. Inspired by HAWK:

Desired Features

To recap, here’s the set of features we’d like to have:

  • Use the same syntax highlighting as I do in my configuration (or at least a specific Emacs theme)
  • Linkable line numbers
  • Possibly generate “permalink” folders for older commits
  • Some basic method of formatting the contents of comments in code files, including links to other files
  • Basic file tree pages and header/footer for navigation
  • Possibly extract defined function names to generate a table of contents
  • It should also be good for generating literate documentation sites for code projects!

Progress Last Time

  • Basic HTML page generation using the current color theme
  • Initial logic for generating files for the whole site, but not fully working yet
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