I’m Rewriting My Configuration… Again


EmacsConf 2021 - My Suggestions

I’m Rewriting My Configuration Again

Next year will be interesting! I’ve got some ambitious plans for my personal projects and I’ve been thinking a lot about what changes I need to make to my personal configuration and my streaming setup.

What are my plans and how do they affect how I use my computer(s)?

Starting a new channel to focus on building audio/visual tools from scratch and making things with them!

Need to have multiple desktop environment configurations for different use cases:

  • EXWM from System Crafters videos/streams
  • Another window manager for A/V tool hacking streams (dwm, i3, StumpWM, Guile-WM, bspwm/herbsluftwm)
  • Multi-PC streaming setup to ensure that nothing I do kills the stream
  • Maybe use a different Linux distribution for the media machine

Cleaning up and presenting my configuration more effectively

  • Maybe setting up a shared base configuration (bare-emacs, needs a better name) and build on that
  • Invest more in converting to Guix Home
  • However, try to find the balance between Guix Home and normal config files
  • Creating a better configuration website and presentation

Improving the quality of streams and videos

  • Visual demonstrations with graphics
  • Having a more interesting screen layout (experiment with OBS)
  • More/better music for System Crafters videos and streams
  • Multiple cameras
  • Synchronizing activity between machines for streaming and recording

The new YouTube channel I was talking about: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ4HO8or08HUGUzA0w8Tagw

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