Is Ement.el the Best Matrix Client?


Getting Started with Ement.el

Official Ement.el chat on Matrix:

  • Creating a Matrix account
  • Joining the System Crafters space
  • Emoji reactions
  • Inserting and viewing links, files, and images
  • Customizing faces
  • Loading more room history with M-v (ement-room-scroll-down-command)
  • Saving chat layout with Burly
  • Side-pinned room list
  • Customizing the room list

    (use-package ement
      :ensure t
      (ement-room-prism 'both)
      (ement-save-sessions t) ;; Beware, this stores your token to disk in plain text!
    (use-package burly
      :ensure t)
    ;; Thanks alphapapa!
    (cl-defun ap/display-buffer-in-side-window (&optional (buffer (current-buffer))
                                                          &key (side 'right) (slot 0))
      "Display BUFFER in dedicated side window.
    With universal prefix, use left SIDE instead of right.  With two
    universal prefixes, prompt for side and slot (which allows
    setting up an IDE-like layout)."
      (interactive (list (current-buffer)
                         :side (pcase current-prefix-arg
                                 ('nil 'right)
                                 ('(0) left)
                                 (_ (intern (completing-read "Side: " '(left right top bottom) nil t))))
                         :slot (pcase current-prefix-arg
                                 ('nil 0)
                                 ('(0) 0)
                                 (_ (read-number "Slot: ")))))
      (let ((display-buffer-mark-dedicated t))
        (display-buffer buffer
                          (side . ,side)
                          (slot . ,slot)
                           (no-delete-other-windows . t))))))

Discussion about auth-sources and why Ement.el does not use them:

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