Resetting the System

Resetting the System

Today we’re going to hang out and discuss some ideas I have for the channel going forward!

What Happened?

Why no videos for a while?

A combination of factors:

  • I didn’t spend much time working on my own configuration
  • Flux Harmonic projects and streams took up the majority of my free time
  • System Crafters streams used up many of the video ideas I had
  • Moving to Greece and working remotely at weird hours

Flux Harmonic has been postponed for now so I’m shifting focus back to experimenting with my configuration and making videos about it!

Video Topics

Now let’s talk about what kind of video topics you’d like to see! I’ve created an initial list of ideas here but I also want to hear your ideas, especially for Emacs packages or other interesting programs I haven’t covered yet.

  • Continue Emacs From Scratch v2 (obviously)
  • More videos about individual Emacs packages we haven’t covered yet
    • Cover more of the various completion systems, especially built in ones like ido, etc
  • Org Mode and Org Roam workflow videos
    • Directory-specific config for org-roam
  • Cover other window managers and what workflow benefits they might have
  • Linux audio systems like PipeWire, Pulseaudio, and JACK
  • Alternate session managers, especially console-driven ones
    • LY, sx
  • Cover Linux in a deeper way (something like Linux From Scratch)
  • Looking at data syncing tools like Syncthing and others
  • Systems programming, especially Linux systems programming
  • More videos on websites with Org Mode
  • Video about display-buffer-alist
  • Cover Emacs internals, maybe how Emacs Lisp works
  • Cover how Emacs native-comp works
  • Emacs debugging, both for error handling and Emacs Lisp code
  • More details on how faces work in Emacs and knowing which ones to configure
  • Emacs on WSL2 (benefits, challenges, etc)
  • Some coverage of XMPP, hosting a server, etc
  • M-x compile
  • A full set of videos on eshell
  • Templating in Emacs, tempo.el, skeleton, tempel (kmacros?)
  • Improving eww setup (shrface?)
  • How to build latest Emacs from scratch on various OSes
  • Emacs Application Framework
  • Setting up DAP with realgud
  • Emacs/CIDER workflow for Clojure
  • Cover Guile Scheme at some point for Guix people
  • Using gdb in Emacs
  • crdt.el for collaborative editing

And there’s a bunch of Guix-related topics I’d love to dive into:

  • Managing your dotfiles with Guix Home
  • Using guix shell for isolated development environments
  • How to package software, especially pre-built software for other distros
  • Deploying and managing your own cloud server with Guix

I’d also like to cover other interesting programs and Linux distributions, too!

What else would you like to see?

  • Other shells like fish, zsh, nushell, xonsh

Friday Streams

These Friday streams have been the primary way I’ve kept the channel going without making videos for a while.

However, there are lots of topics we’ve covered over time that might have been better as pre-recorded videos!

I’d like to change how we do our Friday streams to focus more on the community:

  • Bring back Dotfile Detective and look at others’ configurations again, especially those from the community
  • Bring people on the stream to discuss topics, like Emacs package authors or other interesting people
  • Spotlight cool things that the community is doing!

I also want to be more active in the Discord and IRC again, I’ve been disconnected for a while due to everything going on recently.

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