Finding New Emacs Packages


Finding New Emacs Packages

Let’s go look for interesting Emacs packages to try!

(straight-use-package '(machine :repo ""))
(defun dw/open-file-in-directory (initial-path)
  (let ((default-directory (expand-file-name initial-path)))
    (call-interactively #'find-file)))

Logos config:

(require 'logos)
(setq logos-outlines-are-pages t)
(setq-default logos-hide-cursor nil
              logos-hide-mode-line t
              logos-hide-buffer-boundaries t
              logos-hide-fringe t
              logos-variable-pitch t
              logos-buffer-read-only nil
              logos-scroll-lock nil
              logos-olivetti t)
 '(eat :type git
       :host codeberg
       :repo ""
       :files ("*.el" ("term" "term/*.el") "*.texi"
               "*.ti" ("terminfo/e" "terminfo/e/*")
               ("terminfo/65" "terminfo/65/*")
               ("integration" "integration/*")
               (:exclude ".dir-locals.el" "*-tests.el"))))

(straight-use-package '(eat :type git :host github :repo "emacsmirror/eat"))
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