Crafting 3 Guile Scheme Programs in 2 Hours


Let’s Hack on Programs in Scheme!

One of the things I’ve promised for participants of the Hands-On Guile Scheme for Beginners course is a series of starter projects which demonstrate how to use Guile Scheme for practical application development.

The goal of these programs is to provide a starting point and inspiration for participants to get started on their own projects with what they’ve learned!

Today we’re going to try and build the following 3 applications so that I can use them for the course:

  • A Pong clone with Dave Thompson’s Chickadee library
  • A web API server which speaks JSON and stores information in a SQLite database
  • A GTK UI that serves as a client to the web API server

We may not end up with fully working applications for each of them, but we’re going to go as far as we can in the 45 minutes I will devote to each one!

I’ll include the source to these programs in the show notes.

Application Code

Pong Clone

Not the best code, but it’s a starting point!


 (list "guile-chickadee"


(use-modules (srfi srfi-9)
             (chickadee math vector)
             (chickadee graphics text)
             (chickadee graphics color)
             (chickadee graphics sprite)
             (chickadee graphics texture))

(define-record-type <paddle>
  (make-paddle pos)
  (pos paddle-pos set-paddle-pos!)
  (direction paddle-direction set-paddle-direction!))

(define left-paddle #f)
(define right-paddle #f)
(define ball-pos #f)

(define paddle-texture #f)
(define ball-texture #f)

(define (load)
  (set! paddle-texture (load-image "paddle.png"))
  (set! ball-texture (load-image "ball.png"))

  (let ((window (current-window)))
    (set! left-paddle
          (make-paddle (vec2 20
                             (/ (window-height window) 2))))
    (set! right-paddle
          (make-paddle (vec2 (- (window-width window)
                             (/ (window-height window) 2))))
    (set! ball-pos (vec2 (/ (window-width window) 2)
                         (/ (window-height window) 2)))))

(define (draw alpha)
  (draw-sprite ball-texture ball-pos)
  (draw-sprite paddle-texture (paddle-pos left-paddle))
  (draw-sprite paddle-texture (paddle-pos right-paddle)))

(define paddle-speed 50.0)

(define (update delta)
  (let* ((left-pos (paddle-pos left-paddle))
          (case (paddle-direction left-paddle)
            ((up)  (* paddle-speed delta))
            ((down) (* (- paddle-speed) delta))
            (else 0.0))))
    (set-vec2-y! left-pos (+ (vec2-y left-pos)

  (let* ((right-pos (paddle-pos right-paddle))
          (case (paddle-direction right-paddle)
            ((up)  (* paddle-speed delta))
            ((down) (* (- paddle-speed) delta))
            (else 0.0))))
    (set-vec2-y! right-pos (+ (vec2-y right-pos)

(define (key-press key modifiers repeat?)
  (case key
    ((w) (set-paddle-direction! left-paddle 'up))
    ((s) (set-paddle-direction! left-paddle 'down))
    ((i) (set-paddle-direction! right-paddle 'up))
    ((k) (set-paddle-direction! right-paddle 'down))))

(define (key-release key modifiers)
  (case key
    ((w) (set-paddle-direction! left-paddle #f))
    ((s) (set-paddle-direction! left-paddle #f))
    ((i) (set-paddle-direction! right-paddle #f))
    ((k) (set-paddle-direction! right-paddle #f))))

(run-game #:window-width 640
          #:window-height 480
          #:load load
          #:draw draw
          #:update update
          #:key-press key-press
          #:key-release key-release
          #:clear-color black)

Web API Server

Got the basics working but no database integration yet.


 (list "guile-sqlite3"


(use-modules (json)
             (web uri)
             (web request)
             (web response)
             (web server))

;; GET, POST: /lispers
;; GET: /lispers/<id>

(define lispers
     (name . "John McCarthy")
     (date-of-birth . "Sep 4 1927")
     (language . "Lisp")
     (known-for . "Invented the Lisp programming language"))

     (name . "Guy L. Steele Jr.")
     (date-of-birth . "Oct 2 1954")
     (language . "Lisp")
     (known-for . "Co-authored the Common Lisp standard"))

     (name . "Richard Stallman")
     (date-of-birth . "Mar 16 1953")
     (language . "Lisp")
     (known-for . "Founder of the Free Software Foundation"))

     (name . "Gerald Jay Sussman")
     (date-of-birth . "Feb 8 1947")
     (language . "Scheme")
     (known-for . "Co-author of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"))

     (name . "Hal Abelson")
     (date-of-birth . "Apr 26 1947")
     (language . "Scheme")
     (known-for . "Co-author of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs"))

     (name . "R. Kent Dybvig")
     (date-of-birth . "Dec 12 1959")
     (language . "Scheme")
     (known-for . "Creator of Chez Scheme and author of many academic papers on Scheme"))

     (name . "Rich Hickey")
     (date-of-birth . "Apr 22 1976")
     (language . "Clojure")
     (known-for . "Creator of the Clojure programming language"))

     (name . "Paul Graham")
     (date-of-birth . "Nov 13 1964")
     (language . "Lisp")
     (known-for . "Wrote \"On Lisp\" and more influential books"))

     (name . "Peter Norvig")
     (date-of-birth . "Dec 14 1956")
     (language . "Lisp")
     (known-for . "Wrote a book about the use of Lisp in artificial intelligence"))))

(define (handle-crafter-request path-arg request body)
  (values '((content-type . (application/json)))
          (if (pair? path-arg)
              (scm->json-string (cdr (assq (string->number (car path-arg))
              (scm->json-string (list->vector (map cdr lispers))))))

(define (main-handler request body)
  (let ((path-parts (split-and-decode-uri-path
                     (uri-path (request-uri request)))))
    (if (and (pair? path-parts)
             (string= (car path-parts) "lispers"))
        (handle-crafter-request (cdr path-parts)
        (values (build-response #:code 404)
                "Not found"))))

(run-server main-handler 'http '(#:port 8888))

Failed GTK application

This one didn’t work! UI development is pretty rough on Guile right now.


 (list "guile-g-golf"


(use-modules (g-golf))

(gi-import "Gtk")

;; When the application is launched..
(define (activate app)
  ;; - Create a new window and a new button
  (let ((window (make <gtk-application-window>
                  #:title "Hello"
                  #:application app))

        (button (make <gtk-button>
                  #:label "Hello, World!")))

    ;; - Which closes the window when clicked
    (connect button
             (lambda (b)
               (close window)))

    (set-child window button)
    (show window)))

;; Create a new application
(let ((app (make <gtk-application>
             #:application-id "org.example.GtkApplication")))

  (connect app 'activate activate)

  ;; Run the application
  (run app 0 '()))
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