Automating Tasks with Emacs Lisp


Automating Tasks with Emacs Lisp

Today we’re going to write a lot of Emacs Lisp code to automate a particular monotonous task: editing my YouTube video descriptions!

Why? It’s nice to be able to keep all of your video descriptions following a standard format so that they can be automatically updated using code for things like:

  • Adding links to new playlists to every video
  • Updating links to my websites
  • Temporary links to occasional events I want to promote

Here’s the flow I have in mind:

  • Download the description of a particular video to a file on disk (in a temporary location)
  • Open the buffer to make any desired edits
  • Use a command to send the changes back to the original video
  • Make it possible to download all video descriptions at once
  • Create a bulk editing action to edit (and verify) changes to all description files
  • Mass-upload all changed description files back to YouTube

We probably won’t get through all of this today! I do have a starting point, though. My live-crafter package has some YouTube Data API code we can borrow to kick things off!


The final code

;; -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-

(require 'simple-httpd)

(defvar video-meta-client-id nil)
(defvar video-meta-api-key nil)
(defvar video-meta-client-secret nil)
(defvar video-meta--access-token-func nil)
(defvar video-meta--auth-redirect-uri "http://localhost:3000/oauth2_callback")
(defvar video-meta--use-bearer-auth nil)
(defvar video-meta--request-url nil)
(defvar video-meta--video-file-path "/tmp/video-meta")

(defun video-meta--get-access-token ()
  (funcall video-meta--access-token-func))

(defun video-meta--build-params (params)
  (string-join (mapcar (lambda (pair)
                         (format "%s=%s" (car pair) (cdr pair)))

(defun video-meta--build-uri (path params)
  (let ((param-string (video-meta--build-params params)))
    (concat path
            (if (> (length param-string) 0) "?" "")

(defun video-meta--http-get (url params)
  (plz 'get (video-meta--build-uri url params)
    :as #'json-read
    :else (lambda (err) (message "ERROR: %S" err))
    :headers `(("Content-Type" . "application/json")
               ("Authorization" . ,(format "Bearer %s" (video-meta--get-access-token))))))

(defun video-meta--http-put (url params body)
  (plz 'put (video-meta--build-uri url params)
    :as #'json-read
    :body (json-encode body)
    :headers `(("Content-Type" . "application/json")
               ("Authorization" . ,(format "Bearer %s" (video-meta--get-access-token))))))

(defun video-meta--build-auth-url (client-id redirect-uri)
   `((client_id . ,client-id)
     (response_type . "code")
     (redirect_uri . ,redirect-uri)
     ("scope" . ,(string-join '(""
                              " ")))))

(defun video-meta--extract-token (json-body)
  (cdr (assoc 'access_token json-body)))

(defun video-meta--request-token (auth-code)
  (let* ((params `((client_id . ,video-meta-client-id)
                   (client_secret . ,video-meta-client-secret)
                   (code . ,auth-code)
                   (grant_type . "authorization_code")
                   (redirect_uri . ,video-meta--auth-redirect-uri)))
         (url-request-method "POST")
          '(("Content-Type" . "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")))
         (url-request-data (video-meta--build-params params)))
       (lambda (status)
         (message "In callback!")
         (re-search-forward "^\n")
         (let ((token-details (json-read)))
           (setq video-meta--access-token-func
                 #'(lambda ()
                     (video-meta--extract-token token-details)))))

(defun video-meta-authenticate ()
  (let ((httpd-port 3000)
        (auth-url (video-meta--build-auth-url video-meta-client-id
    (browse-url auth-url)))

(defservlet* oauth2_callback text/plain (code error)
  (if error
      (message "Error during YouTube authentication: %s" error)
      (message "Requesting token!")
      (video-meta--request-token code)))

(defun video-meta-get-subscriber-count ()
  (let ((params `((part . "statistics")
                  (mine . "true")
                  (key . ,video-meta-api-key))))
     (lambda (response)
       (message "Got response! %S" response)))))

(defun video-meta--extract-video-list (response)
  (cdr (assoc 'items response)))

(defun video-meta--extract-video-details (video)
  (let ((snippet (cdr (assoc 'snippet video))))
    `((id . ,(cdr (assoc 'id video)))
      (category-id . ,(cdr (assoc 'categoryId snippet)))
      (title . ,(cdr (assoc 'title snippet)))
      (description . ,(cdr (assoc 'description snippet))))))

(defun video-meta-get-video-details (video-id)
  (let ((response (video-meta--http-get
                   `((part . "snippet")
                     (id . ,video-id)
                     (key . ,video-meta-api-key)))))

      (aref (video-meta--extract-video-list response)

(defun video-meta--download-video-description (video-id)
  (let* ((video (video-meta-get-video-details video-id))
         (description (cdr (assoc 'description video))))
    ;; Save the file to the path using the video id as filename
    (with-temp-file (expand-file-name (format "%s.txt" video-id)
      ;; Try pretty printing with pp and with-output-to-string
      (insert (format "%S" (map-delete video 'description)))
      (insert "\n---\n")
      (insert description))))

;; (video-meta--download-video-description "za99DwdZEyg")

(defun video-meta--upload-video-description (video-id category-id title description)
  (let ((response (video-meta--http-put
                   `((part . "snippet")
                     (id . ,video-id)
                     (key . ,video-meta-api-key))

                   `((id . ,video-id)
                     (snippet . ((title . ,title)
                                 (categoryId . ,category-id)
                                 (description . ,description)))))))))

;; (let* ((video-id "za99DwdZEyg")
;;        (video (video-meta-get-video-details video-id)))

;;   (video-meta--upload-video-description video-id
;;                                         (cdr (assoc 'category-id video))
;;                                         (cdr (assoc 'title video))
;;                                         (concat "Testing description uploading!  " (cdr (assoc 'description video)))))

;; (video-meta--upload-video-description "za99DwdZEyg" "Automated Org Mode Website Publishing with GitHub or SourceHut")

(provide 'video-meta)
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