Why Geeks Don’t Use Guix


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Why Geeks Don’t Use Guix

Yesterday I published a video titled “5 Reasons to Try Guix in 2022” to try and encourage people to give Guix a try this year since there’s a lot of cool new things happening there.

I asked viewers a couple of questions:

  • What has kept you from using Guix before?
  • If you’ve tried Guix, what problems did you have?

Let’s look at a compilation of some of the recurring themes in the answers I received and talk about what they mean and how they can be addressed!

Getting Started Issues

High learning curve

  • I agree!
  • More people need to share their experience and understanding

Hard to figure out how to install it, indimidating

  • Booting it is the first problem, but knowing how to configure it is the real problem
  • Need to create better learning resources to teach how to write Guix system configuration

Reading the manual can be difficult

  • The manual can be a little overwhelming
  • There need to be more conceptual / usage documentation
  • There is the Guix Cookbook
  • A resource that tells you how to do common things in Guix like in other Linux distros

There should be GUI tools to configure it

  • I don’t really agree, it’s better to know how to write the configuration
  • It’s hard to write Scheme if you don’t have good tools!
  • Is it possible to write a very user-friendly Lisp editor that is single-purpose for writing Guix config

Software Issues

It doesn’t have software I need and it’s hard to write packages

  • Guix doesn’t have as much software packaged as other distributions
  • But that’s where YOU come in!
  • You can software from other places: other Guix channels, Nix, Flatpak
  • We will cover how to write and contribute Guix packages on the channel this year!

I need to customize a package but not sure how to do it

  • Sometimes there’s software like suckless tools where you need to apply patches or add compiler flags
  • One approach: write a package that inherits from the original package and changes only the different parts
  • You can load your own customized packages from your own Guix channel or even your dotfiles repository, you just have to set the load path correctly

Can’t dual boot with Windows

It’s hard hard to find configurations for very recent and alpha software (especially coding libraries)

  • This is even harder when you need to set up services, etc
  • But the same solution applies, learn how to do it and contribute it yourself!

Hardware Issues

My basic hardware isn’t compatible, no WiFi, black screen at boot

  • This is definitely a problem, and it’s why I made my installation video and the special installer image
  • Guix follows the Free System Distribution Guidelines
  • Nonguix channel has the full Linux kernel and other hardware drivers (check out their new substitute server)

Not easy to install drivers for graphics cards

  • The Nonguix repo has AMD and NVIDIA driver packages, but YMMV

Programming Language Issues

Scheme and Lisp scare me

  • Is it that the parentheses are just really confusing to look at?
  • Sometimes the problem with Lisps is that you don’t really know how to accomplish specific tasks
  • We’ll have a Guile Crash Course for Guix Users on the channel soonish

I don’t want to learn another programming language

  • I think this is the basic barrier to entry for Guix
  • You should try to learn Scheme anyway, it’s fun!

Lisp is not popular or used in many places

  • Yes, that’s sort of true, but it’s not a reason to not use Guix

Other Issues

The inertia of comfort with the current environment

  • Install Guix as a secondary package manager and try to use it for different things

Heavy focus on Free Software

  • You can use other package channels! Nonguix is a great one, and there are other new ones being create all the time (like guixrus)

Miscellaneous Hot Takes

“Lisp for configs, really?” / “I shouldn’t have to learn Lisp to configure my system”

  • I disagree :)
  • Lisp is designed for creating “domain specific languages”, just like Guix’ own configuration syntax!
  • Look at Emacs as an example for why this wrong :)

“We don’t need another package manager”

  • This is just a plain misunderstanding
  • There are new package managers all the time. What about all the AUR package managers for Arch? There’s a new every 20 days!

“I don’t see anything new here”

  • There’s plenty new, you’re just not looking at it right

“Almost nonexistent community”

  • Guix IRC, mailing lists, System Crafters community, there are plenty of places and people!

“No support for a very complex system”

  • Go to the Guix IRC, the maintainers are there answering questions all day

“I don’t like the big abstraction layer on top of the Linux system”

  • That layer is the whole point of Guix and where all the value is derived!
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