Building the WORST Emacs Configuration!


Building the WORST Emacs Configuration

Today we’re going to do the unthinkable…

I’ve already been getting some suggestions from Reddit and System Crafters IRC but I haven’t captured them all yet. I want your suggestions!

YouTube makes it difficult to paste links in chat, so submit your code suggestions as issues to the GitHub repository:

Pillars of Evil

Let’s define the categories under which we will torment the user of this infernal configuration. Suggest more!

Ground rules: it shouldn’t destroy the user’s system, though it can terrorize the Emacs session.

Sensory Harassment

It needs a horrible appearance. It should also sound really annoying.

User Imprisonment

The FSF and GNU project are wrong about “user freedom,” they deserve to be imprisoned

Cursed Behavior

The Haunting of GNU Emacs

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