System Crafters Live! - Integrating Nushell with Emacs

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What is Nushell?

Nushell is a command line shell which deals with data in a structured way, unlike POSIX shells which pass strings between programs. It is written and extended with Rust!

Because it can handle structured data, we might have an easier time wiring it up to Emacs in a few interesting ways.

The homepage is and you can follow on Twitter @nu_shell.

How can we integrate it with Emacs?

  • Run Nushell commands and interactively view output in Emacs
  • Filter and edit structured data in the command pipeline using Emacs
  • Hook it up to Org Babel for a Jupyter-like interactive notebook
  • Literate DevOps with Org Mode

Check out the code!

We made some progress in this episode, you can see the code we came up with here:

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