Live Crafting: Rational Emacs


  • Video coming next week or I’ll delete my channel
  • Lots of interest in Rational Emacs!

Community Contributions

Special thanks to the following people who sent PRs in the first week of Rational Emacs!

  • Jeff Bowman
  • Japhir
  • Julien Tant
  • angrybacon Mathieu Marques
  • mfxarc
  • Gavin Freeborn
  • John Eastman
  • Stas Krichevsky
  • Peter Tillemans
  • Anders Jackson
  • Erik Lundstedt

Let’s take a look at some PRs:

Live Crafting: Rational Emacs

Things to try:

  • New module file skeleton

Here are some things we could work on. What else?

  • Automatic updates
  • Tab bar / workspace config
  • EXWM config
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