The Best of 2021!


  • The first Flux Harmonic streams were a blast! Check them out here:
  • System Crafters recorded videos are starting back up next week!
  • Coming Soon: Stream with Prot!

Thank You!

  • Members of the System Crafters community
  • Members of the wider Emacs and Guix communities
  • Those who have supported me!

Let’s take a look back!

Since today is New Year’s Eve, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the highlights of 2021 in the realm of what we talk about on this channel.

The things I’ve listed in each section are obviously my personal opinion, but I want to hear yours too!

Best Emacs Packages

These are the packages I’ve personally enjoyed the most in 2021!

  • Vertico (and also Marginalia, Consult, and Orderless)
  • Embark
  • Org Roam
  • setup.el
  • straight.el
  • org-present

Your suggestions

  • org-zettelkasten
  • avy
  • frowny.el
  • popper
  • lsp-mode
  • tab-bar-mode
  • Magit
  • ledger-mode

Best Emacs Improvements

  • native-comp and pgtk!
  • Tab Bar improvements
  • Color emoji support

Your suggestions

Best Community Content

When I say “community,” I mean SC community and wider Emacs community!

Your suggestions

Best Guix Improvements

Your suggestions

Most Popular Videos

  • Absolute Beginners Guide to Emacs (70k views!)
  • 5 Reasons to Learn Emacs (53k views)
  • Getting Started with Org Roam (44k views)
  • Introduction to Emacs Lisp (25k views)
  • An Introduction to GNU Guix (21k views)

And by far the most viewed video is the first Emacs From Scratch stream at 87,412 views (68k this year)!

Your favorites?

  • Macroexpanding use-package

Best Channel Moments

  • “5 Reasons” video taking off
  • DistroTube mention
  • Reaching 10,000 subscribers
  • First Org Roam video taking off
  • Speaking at EmacsConf 2021
  • System Crafters Store launch


  • Figuring out Sherri was a bot (or did we?)

Channel Goals for 2022

  • Reach 35,000 YouTube subscribers
  • Reach 400 supporters
  • Make some cool merch worth wearing
  • Organize a “hackathon”!

What are your system crafting goals for 2022?

Let’s talk about your goals! I’m curious to know what you’ve got planned.

Another way to look at it: what do you want to learn in 2022?


  • Migrate all personal configuration to Guix Home
  • Create it with a new, modular base Emacs configuration
  • Try to create my own custom distribution of Guix

Your Goals

  • Building Emacs from Scratch, ditching Spacemacs
  • Supercharging Org Agenda usag
  • Using Linux full time at work
  • Literate configuration like Tecosaur
  • Creating my own programming content
  • Bringing Lisping to work
  • Writing my thesis in Org Mode
  • Improving Emacs performance and startup time
  • Get Emacs usable for work
  • Learning steno and hooking it up in Emacs
  • Generate a website from my config and org-roam notes
  • Spend less time playing around in Emacs
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