2023 Retrospective and 2024 Plans


2023 Year in Review

Let’s take a look at my year in review and plans for last year and see what we accomplished and what we still want to see happen in 2024:


Move from Discord to Matrix and IRC

The new website

The Newsletter

Areas of Focus in 2024

Improving Guix tutorial coverage

Write and publish one book

Integrating Guix and Emacs configurations

Promoting Guile Scheme and Guile Hoot for personal tool hacking

Hosting your own services to reduce dependence on proprietary ones

Focusing on some useful non-Emacs tools

tmux, vim

Looking at other Linux distributions to find an ideal secondary for servers, workstations, etc

  • Debian
  • Alpine
  • Gentoo

Organize a more focused effort around providing community services

  • IRC bouncer
  • XMPP server
  • file sharing (0x0?)
  • Fediverse server?
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