We Need to Talk About EXWM

System Crafters Store is live!

I’ve been getting requests for merch for a while, that day has finally arrived!

Check out the set of items I’ve put together with the System Crafters logo:


These are all high quality print-on-demand items so shipping can take up to 2 weeks but it’s usually faster than the estimate you get when you buy something.

Please let me know your feedback on everything: items, pricing, shipping costs, etc. I want the community to be proud to wear them!

This is just the first step; I plan to add new designs every 3 months or so, it will only get better from here!

We Need to Talk About EXWM

As I’ve mentioned before a few times, EXWM the maintainer ch11ng has been missing for over a year.

  • Last commits to EXWM and XELB were in July 2020
  • People are concerned: https://github.com/ch11ng/exwm/issues/845
  • Many lingering issues that people face daily, I’ve been burned frequently
  • I even tried StumpWM again!
  • Nothing beats EXWM, though.

What can be done about it?

Can the project be revived?

  • The project is in definite need of help to address pain points
  • It seems medranocalvo might be an admin on the repo
  • All it would really take is for an individual or small group to learn the code and try fixing things
  • FSF copyright assignment approval is a big challenge (can that be abandoned?)
  • Many people would be happy and relieved for EXWM to be maintained again

Should someone fork EXWM?

  • A hard fork with no intention to merge upstream can avoid FSF assignment issues
  • Could be an opportunity to rethink some things, redesign the code
  • Aside from learning the code, the challenge would be making it enticing (and smooth) to migrate
  • This could be the fastest route to a bright new future

A new alternative?

If we’re considering a fork, why not think bigger?

  • Can we fix some core issues with EXWM while planning for the future?
  • Minimal window manager core not written in Emacs Lisp but driven by it via RPC
  • Write it either in C or an embedded Scheme (Chibi, perhaps)
  • Create an abstract internal model; focus on X Window System and Wayland later
  • Make it possible to have a more traditional tiling window manager that is still Emacs-driven

Could be a huge undertaking, but possibly more future-proof!

Here’s what I’ll do

Solving this problem is important to me! I can’t live without my Emacs Desktop Environment.

  • I’m going to start investigating all possibilities in my (limited) free time
  • Great opportunity to stream the work on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/SystemCrafters
  • Start building a knowledgebase of how window management works with Xorg
  • Investigate various technical options, live coding regularly
  • As soon as a good direction is determined, get community involvement

For stream schedule: Mondays or Wednesdays? Tentatively 8am-10am Pacific Time.

What do you think?

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