Can We Fix a Bug in Emacs?


  • Next Org Roam video coming this week (for realz this time)
  • Don’t forget to submit a proposal for EmacsConf 2021 (deadline Sep 30)!

Can We Fix a Bug in Emacs?

We’re going to find out :)

Building Emacs

On Debian / Ubuntu, install the following packages:

sudo apt install git build-essential automake
sudo apt build-dep emacs

In Guix:

guix environment --pure emacs-next --ad-hoc git

Now you can clone and build Emacs:

git clone

I personally used this configure line:

./configure --with-cairo --with-modules --disable-build-details

Finding a Bug

We may still look at the bug tracker to find one:;max-bugs=100;base-order=1;bug-rev=1

For new contributors, try the easy tag!

Here are the bugs we looked at:

Here’s how to report bugs:

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