IRC Tips and Configurations

The System Crafters community calls Libera.Chat IRC home! This page provides some useful tips for chatting with us there.

NOTE: This page is under construction, please feel free to send a pull request with additions or changes!

What is IRC?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a battle-tested group chat protocol which has existed since the late 1980s. The major advantage of IRC is that it is a simple text-based protocol which is very easy to work with, especially for writing clients and bots.

The System Crafters community started on Discord, migrated to a combination of Matrix + IRC, and now we’ve landed solely on IRC because it is the only truly dependable (and craftable) protocol.

This page is intended to make the IRC transition easier for folks who haven’t used IRC before!

Recommended IRC Clients

The two most interesting IRC clients will be the ones that are built in to Emacs: ERC and rcirc. Members of the community also use other clients like irssi.

ERC (Emacs)

ERC is the most polished built-in IRC client for Emacs.

You can check out a couple of System Crafters videos for usage and configuration tips:

rcirc (Emacs)

rcirc is a minimalistic IRC client for Emacs.

irssi (Terminal)

irssi is probably the most famous terminal-based IRC client.

Revolution IRC (Android)

Revolution IRC (Play Store, F-Droid) is an IRC client for Android.

Palaver (iOS)

Palaver (App Store) is an IRC client for iOS.

Using Libera Chat

Registering an account with NickServ

Consult the Libera.Chat documentation for nickname registration until we write more focused documentation for this page (help wanted!).

Cloaking your host details

By default, your IP address will be exposed to other IRC users when you connect. To avoid this, you can request a “cloak” for your hostname by requesting a user cloak. After you have registered with NickServ, follow the instructions on this page:

Libera.Chat: Requesting a self-service user cloak

IRC Rules and Etiquette

[To be written.]

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