Organize Your Windows with the Tab Bar Emacs 27

What is it?

  • New feature in Emacs 27
  • Manage window configurations as “tabs”
  • Basically provides support for workspaces in Emacs!
  • Different than tab-line-mode


How is it useful?

  • Separate workspaces for different tasks
  • One tab per project
  • A tab for your Org notes and agenda, split vertically
  • A tab for chat or ERC

Basic Usage

  • tab-bar-mode - Enable display of the tab bar
  • tab-new (C-x t 2) - Create a new tab
  • tab-next (C-x t o, evil: g t) - Move to the next tab (also known as tab-bar-switch-to-next-tab)
  • tab-bar-switch-to-prev-tab (evil: g T) - Switch to the previous tab
  • tab-rename (C-x t r) - Rename the current tab (or numbered tab with prefix arg)
  • tab-close (C-x t 0) - Close the current tab
  • tab-close-other (C-x t 1) - Close other tabs
  • tab-bar-undo-close-tab - Reopen the last closed tab
  • tab-move (C-x t m) - Move the current tab to the right (or left with negative prefix)
  • tab-bar-select-tab-by-name (C-x t RET) - Select tab by name using completion

Configuring operation

  • tab-bar-new-tab-choice - The name of a buffer or file to display in new tabs
  • tab-bar-new-tab-to - Where to place new tabs (left or right of current) - Also a function!
  • tab-bar-tab-name-function - Control how new tabs are named (can prompt for a name!)
(setq tab-bar-new-tab-choice "*scratch*")

Configuring tab-bar appearance

  • tab-bar-close-button-show - Show or hide the close button
  • tab-bar-new-button-show - Show or hide the new button at the end
  • tab-bar-button-relief - Control pixel width of tab bar button appearance
  • tab-bar face - customize text of tabs
  • tab-bar-tab face - customize the color of the active tab
  • tab-bar-tab-inactive face - customize the color of inactive tabs
(setq tab-bar-close-button-show nil
      tab-bar-new-button-show nil)

Using tab-bar-mode without showing the bar

;; Don't turn on tab-bar-mode when tabs are created
(setq tab-bar-show nil)

;; Get the current tab name for use in some other display
(defun efs/current-tab-name ()
  (alist-get 'name (tab-bar--current-tab)))

One downside to this is that doom-modeline (currently) stops showing the tab name in the mode line when tab-bar-mode isn’t turned on.

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