Dynamic Tiling Windows in Emacs with Edwina

What is it?

  • Edwina is a dynamic tiling window manager for Emacs
  • Provides master/stack window layout like dwm or Xmonad
  • Experimental!


Thanks to X VNA for suggesting this package!

Setting it up

(use-package edwina
  :ensure t
  (setq display-buffer-base-action '(display-buffer-below-selected))
  ;; (edwina-setup-dwm-keys)
  (edwina-mode 1))


By default these keys are prefixed with C-c C-w. Customize edwina-keymap-prefix to change the prefix.

Binding Action
r, C-r Arrange windows
n, C-n, SPC Move to next window
p, C-p Move to previous window
N, C-S-n Swap places with the next window
P, C-S-p Swap places with the previous window
%, {, [ Decrease the size of the master area
^, }, ] Increase the size of the master area
d, C-d Decrease number of windows in master
i Increase number of windows in master
k, C-k Delete window
RET Cycle window to/from master area
c, C-c Clone current window

TIP: Set up dwm-inspired keys with (edwina-setup-dwm-keys)

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